Spallinificio BM


Ours is a typical North East story from the the 70s: we are born as a small artisan workshop in Cartigliano, near Vicenza in 1972 which then grew. Since the foundation of BM Spallinificio in 1985 we have arrived, keeping the quality and tailoring which has existed since our roots, right to the present day

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Tradition doesn’t stop

Spallinificio BM today

Innovation, attention to detail and high quality have always accompanied our production, allowing us to jump into the global market, becoming trusted suppliers for major fashion brands both nationally and internationally.

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We offer a complete service: starting from the realization of the prototype to finally arrive at production.



Our production is characterized by the perfect union between tradition and technology. Shoulder pads and armholes are made with the lightest and most delicate of materials, adapting perfectly to any type of dress thanks to their unique anatomical shape and their optimal fit.

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When Italian craftsmanship meets modern technology



The reputation for elegance and quality that has always accompanied the name Spallinificio BM, is inextricably linked to the great attention paid to the detail in every single stage of the procedure. We create perfect products for the finest tailored producers in Italy and abroad. If it doesn’t exist, we invent it.

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What does not exist, we invent it.

Our values


By giving the utmost attention to the values of sustainability and energy saving, we want to be an example for the new generations of entrepreneurs too, who must aim at an ever cleaner production, respecting the environment in which we live.

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  • Attention to details
  • The highest quality at reasonable prices
  • Punctuality in delivery
  • Unmatched speed in the production of samples and designs
  • Shoulder pads made entirely with Oeko Tex certified materials
  • Complete range with shoulder straps and straps of all types for men and women

Cultivating excellence, day after day.
It means passionately cultivating what is important to us.

We await you


Spallinificio BM has been synonymous with quality in the production of shoulder straps and straps for men and women for 50 years. Only trust in those with a lengthy experience in the field, who can guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship at a truly competitive price!

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