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Spallinificio BM is a company of Cartigliano (Vicenza) that produces shoulder pads and cuffs for men and women for the entire Italian market. It was founded by Mr. Antonio Maso and Ms. Bertilla Borso and it is now lead by their son Alessandro Maso.

The strong points of this business are the guarantee of a b, the speed in realizing the samples and the high quality of the production: the entire production cycle occurs in the main factory.

We are proud to have been working for 40 years for the best brands in fashion both in Italy and abroad

We export our products in more than ten countries all over the world. During the last forty years we always aimed to technological innovations: that is what has always allowed us realize high quality products satisfying every need of our customers.We firmly believe in the bond between innovation and the tradition of Italian design. We offer all this at competitive prices, due to an efficient and simple management.

Since 40 years, we are happy to carry Italy on our shoulder!

Our History

The company was born in 1972 as a little artisan laboratory from Mr Maso and Ms Borso. It is a typical-north-east story of the 1970's: they started their business in a small garage, rent their first laboratory and in 1980 the bought their first plant. Customers became more and more demanding, so the company invested on shoulder pads for women, especially on the terry cloth ones.

In 1985 was born Spallinificio BM S.r.l.: the little artisan business changed into an industry, the new plant was bought and in 1987 it was expanded. The company went on with its investment policy and created a completed line specialized in the production of shoulder pads for men.

In 1997, the son took his first steps in the company, in 2001 he became the managing director and in 2011 he became chairman of the company.

At the beginning of the 2000's the company began to work not only for the Italian market but also with foreign companies.

In these years, a focused business strategy allowed Spallinificio BM to be one of the most important supplier of International Brands in men and woman fashion all over the world.

Our Strenght

We feature attention to detail and tailor-made products:

  • Attention to details
  • Custom-made products
  • Highest quality at reasonable prices.
  • Guarantee delivery times.
  • Fast realization of samplings and sample cases: we are able to meet urgent requests.
  • The shoulder pads are produced entirely with certificated Oeko Tex materials.
  • A wide selection of shoulder pads and cuffs for men and women.

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Spallinificio BM has been synonymous with quality in the production of shoulder straps and straps for men and women for 50 years. Only trust in those with a lengthy experience in the field, who can guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship at a truly competitive price!

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