Our production

From 1972 Spallinificio BM has been submitting shoulder pads and paddings in Veneto and in Italy, keeping as primary goal the complete satisfaction of the customer. The entire productive process takes place in Italy, in Cartigliano (Vicenza), guaranteeing the quality of the products and a constantly monitored production in every single phase.

The processing techniques combine the traditional methods of Italian design with the most modern technologies: this is what makes us able to experiment new materials and technologies, satisfying every need of the customer.

Spallinificio BM: exclusive technology

What marks Spallinificio BM today is the perfect union between tradition and technology. We have two CAD stations and two computerized cut lines.

Most of our equipment has been produced in our laboratory: exclusive technology, specifically produced for the production of shoulder pads and cuffs.That’s why we are able to satisfy the most prestigious brands in fashion, offering Made in Italy products at competitive prices.

A responsible and ethic choice

Furthermore, by trusting Spallinificio BM you make a responsible and ethic choice:

  • we are a 100% Made in Italy company;
  • we provide a modeler assigned to the realization of sampling to the customer’s specifications;
  • we produce all the electricity we need: the environmental impact of our production is low and all the production wastes are recycled to create new textile;
  • every laboratory working with us is Italian and constantly supervised.

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Spallinificio BM has been synonymous with quality in the production of shoulder straps and straps for men and women for 50 years. Only trust in those with a lengthy experience in the field, who can guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship at a truly competitive price!

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