Shoulder pads for both men and women clothes

Shoulder pads for both men and women clothes

Spallinificio BM is one of the first Italian company in the production of shoulder pads for both men and women clothes. Manual skill and quality are still the most important features of Spallinificio BM, since when it was a little artisan laboratory. The company became a leader in its territory and it has always kept updated by renewing the technologies and optimizing its productive process, thanks to the automation of process and manufacturing.

Accessories for exclusive items of clothing

The BM’s shoulder pads are realized with the most precious and light materials: they adapt perfectly to every kind of clothing thanks to their anatomic shape and wearability.

The company offers items for both men and women, products able to satisfy all the demands of a clientele that looks for comfort and perfection even in the smallest details and in all that accessories addressed to the most exclusive piece of clothing.

Ideal partner for the most demanding clients

Spallinificio BM sticks out for the competence and the skills of its staff and grants its clients high quality standards and the refinement of the Made in Italy. For all these reasons Spallinificio BM is a great partner for the most prestigious businesses.

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Spallinificio BM has been synonymous with quality in the production of shoulder straps and straps for men and women for 50 years. Only trust in those with a lengthy experience in the field, who can guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship at a truly competitive price!

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