High quality meets respect for the environment

Spallinificio BM has always been keen to promote the well-being of its employees and respect for the environment. In addition to the characteristic ‘Made in Italy’ values of high quality and craftsmanship, our company embraces the concept of a business model that is sustainable from both economic and social standpoints.

As evidence of this, in recent years the company has invested hugely in reducing its industrial impact on the environment to almost nil.

Environmental responsibility at every stage of production

Annual electricity requirement = 0

Thanks to the two photovoltaic systems built on its own warehouse, the company is totally independent in regards to the production of electricity.

Reduced use of gas for heating

In 2010 an old thermal power plant was replaced with a highly efficient condensing cascade boiler.

In 2013 all offices were restored, bringing them from energy class G to energy class A.

All production waste regenerated

All production waste is stored in a suitable area and is then reused in its entirety. No processing waste goes to the landfill!

All non-productive waste, paper, plastic and glass is recycled so as not to impact the environment.

Welfare of workers

Maximum attention and care is given to the safety and well-being of all our workers.

Air-conditioned work environments are provided during the summer – not only in the offices but also on the production lines.

High standards and environmental management

Spallinificio BM is synonymous with the production of quality shoulder pads and cuffs for men and women. Our company was founded in Cartigliano (VI) over 40 years ago and today we serve customers in the clothing industry throughout Italy.

We take care not only to create top-level products, but also to maintain high standards in every area of our work, including in environmental management.

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Spallinificio BM has been synonymous with quality in the production of shoulder straps and straps for men and women for 50 years. Only trust in those with a lengthy experience in the field, who can guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship at a truly competitive price!

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